Left Untitled

After you left I walked back to the tube
missing the frame of reference your hugs
gave to my sense of disbelief. How fast
these feelings build. They have not disappeared
across the world with you, despite the roar
of wind and engine fuel choking up
the winter air.

_____________The spare bedroom, which I
walked by that night, is left unoccupied;
perhaps the candles flicker on, but shine
into a house devoid of us.

_______________________Don’t stop
this music echoing inside my head.

If you are far away your thoughts are here
and all too real for comfort. Tread my roads
of home for me, and I will go one day
with you, if all be willing, to your land.

But none of that can happen, not this way.
What spark there is has lit the gas; away
you go over the land from me. And I
should never clasp your hand, nor shut my eyes
to feel your lips on mine, nor turn at night
to see your tousled hair across your face.
It’s best like this, perhaps. Within the space
of an embrace so much fades in the light.
The years are turning by in spite of where
we live our lives, and when we meet again
I shall be slightly wiser. Your youth is fair;
your songs are now my memory’s domain.
Age has not stopped my hunger for despair.
Anguish will keep what love I can’t retain.


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