We improvise from day to day, and know
not why our lives are lived within a cage:
and if our fearful breathing keeps us close
it is perhaps our choice. What can one draw
upon these walls, which let the world come in
but keeps one still within its icy grasp?

Outside, the autumn slowly closes its grasp.
And soon these leaves, though plentiful, will know
death. Draw the curtains. Keep the darkness in.
If feelings run too far amok, then cage
them; know them well. The sun is setting. Draw
me near, the night is cold. Please hold me close.

For even this will end. My eyes will close
one day upon the light, and then my grasp
will loosen and my heart stop. Let me draw
another breath. Yet also let me know
how lucky some may be to break this cage,
and what new world they go on to live in.

…If this keeps going on, it cages you in.
But when you leave, as well you will, do close
the door behind you. Remaining in this cage
the clocks still run down. Tear from in my grasp
your self, and keep your absence in. I know
these lands are much too far apart to draw

imaginations close, and so I draw
smiles on my face to keep sanity in.
When you are gone, what is there left to know?
Turn off the lights. I’ll slowly learn to close
my eyes and not see you, and only grasp
at things within my reach, within this cage.

We improvise a longer time. No cage
can hold us anymore. With great strokes draw
the stories of our shorter years, and grasp
my hand in yours. This is a prayer, not in
the mind, but of the heart. Please keep me close.
There are so many things I dread to know.

If we once knew to draw our dreams we now
have lost it all. So keep the cage within,
with me inside, waiting to close your grasp.


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