The dawn comes too suddenly, surprising us each in our beds.
We’ve slept apart, night after night, again, again. Together.

See the skies turning black to white. The night evaporates.
You are as far from me as I from you, never yet together.

Around us all is burning blue, blue, as the sea cascades.
Winds whisper, disperse, and we’ll never be together.

Time has passed, and patiently you cross off dates.
A thousand days wave to you, fresh, tied together.

Do you not see me stealing through the glades?
In flying to you, yearning brings me together.

Flowers throw softer perfumes at your gates.
Out there the world knows I come to gather:

I gather you into my basket. All light fades.
You fill everything. Hours come together.

The willow dips into the spring. It waits.
Waters mingle with leaves, altogether.

Time passes and we taste the morning.
We fly like chances, bound together.

Our houses are left empty, waiting.
Pieces are tipping to fall together.

Flowers shiver in their mating.
Far apart, yet grown together.

There is no more mourning.
We huddle close together.

Breaths twirl in our fear.
What is life together?

Kiss me: we are here.
Not apart. Together.


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