When we were richer…

When we were richer time was spent simply and always side by side just as minute would follow minute. The windswept paths were to us as soft as earth and exactly as long as we wished them to be, walking the hours hand in hand. Days passed, and days passed – because we could afford it we spent every possible moment with each other. Our conversations were longer: eloquence and silence were luxuries, meant for the passing of time.

But now we are poor. Watch as the leaves trickle by. We scavenge, scrimp and scramble together. I want to hold you but time is in the way. Stung, I search for seconds. Things fade. These are the memories we save. Touch me. Hold my hand; there are a few more moments in them.



  1. So, I am thinking of starting french lessons and thought of you since you are the only one I know who (I think) knows the language? How long did it take you to grasp the basics? 🙂



    1. I don’t speak or write it, I can only read it – not 100% fluently either, but passably, or so I think. It doesn’t take very long for basics because so much of the vocabulary is close to English anyway, but the grammar will take some time…and I don’t know how to study the language by myself further than the stage I’m stuck at.

      Hope this helps; I would definitely encourage you to learn it – it’s a very very beautiful language.



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