the shards of glances

the quiet lethal cataract of an
attraction coming to its rest; with hard
arrogance never shutting its eyes (the shards
of glances piercing myriad times) and when
the requisite repatriation can
at last be called complete – observe the cuts
within the cloths that rip themselves apart –
and in relief a clearing of all eyes;
the truth will never be as clear as then
                (and where an epic tale is done
another starts; around the tables wine
and yarn flow freely; in worlds of fire and ice
to drown a self in ever stronger ones;
the bitterness is infinite like mine



  1. never tell me you wrote!
    i’ve been lazy to read all the poetry on my friendspage so i just scroll past (and that layout doesn’t show usernames) but this one caught my eye and i was so pleasantly surprised that it was you & not like some random post on greatpoets

    i really love this. moves me a lot.



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