places memory can’t reach

the past has places memory can’t reach,
where time’s own passing draws a veil across
unfolding scenes: in time, each quiet loss
leaves stains that even age can’t bleach –
the past has places memory can’t reach,
and in recalling times long past the gloss
on time is like a stone’s long-gathered moss…
yet there are things imaginations teach;
where memory obfuscates the truth, the mind
will grow a little younger in the calling
of a purer age once sadly left behind,
and in the slow refilling of the space
with memories, the volatile rephrase
of madness and a fatal skyward falling



      1. oh! you came in second for both prose and poetry – congrats 😀

        and gmail shows your comment like this:

        melodily – LJ Comment to me
        show details 08:06 (-467 minutes ago)


      2. huh how did you know, you asked? haha what did you get? anyway all that effort for nothing too, they not counting winning entry points for BW ): because the BW IHC comm got some J1s to help them submit entries. sniff. and what hapen to gmail, 467 minutes ago whoa


      3. gan told me! my secks scene got first for prose 😀 the only thing i submitted hahaha. WG’ll solicit permission from authors and then we’ll see our stuff published online yayy

        and gmail damn weird tonight, keep hanging on me


      1. PROSE

        Top 3:
        1. Thomas Ang – Snapshots (MT)
        2. Lee Zhi Xin – At night they come alive (BW)
        3. Gabriel Tan – Traveling (BB)

        The announcement should come up tomorrow!


      2. Once the results are released formally and we get permissions from the authors, we will be showcasing the winning pieces online 🙂

        Zhixin put up quite a good show; she also won second place for poetry!


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