Tea for Two

They have agreed to wait beside the tree
that grows at her street’s end. As twilight bids
him gather up his things, he hastily
scribbles the last lines of a message’s false leads
to throw their parents off their trail. And she
stops bustling around a garden that still needs
her care; her heartbeats tick unsteadily,
each nudging her to hurry. She concedes,
and waves an arm casually in the air –
their time becomes a rosary – he prays
and then the night retreats into its lair.
With time as cloak, under the light they flee;
next morning finds them across the sea of haze,
a country distant, calmly having tea.


  1. i must say hehheh that i am not familiar with tchaiky or schumann nor with orchestral music as a whole – so i may go find them but not have large impressions or something like that.

    which mozart piano concerto? who was the pianist?

    random idea! not awesome. shoo.



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