I eat you (revision of No. 4 of I verb you)

I eat you as my nightly sugar rush.

Our flowery words emasticate our lies,

And hand and claw explore our curious eyes.

The sceneries we talk are warmly lush.

I eat you slowly; hunger does not rush—

My teeth and tongue in hunger’s raw surprise

Along your quaking flesh ambush your spice.

Together twined, a tellurate montage:

Am I predator, you the prey? You cast

The dice. Our hunting in the night, when sleeps

Are fled from us. Your flesh between my lips;

You feed me still. I eat. Night does not last:

Regenerate your self, the dawn draws near;

And nourishment I’ll find tonight—you, here.



  1. i went to read this again– i think by itself it stands fine, but maybe might not fit inside i verb you? cause it seems darker than the rest including your original one haha. DARK. CREEPY. OHNOES STALK, START RUNNING.



    1. It certainly does; whenever I rework something it all tends to get a little more shadowy and sinister.

      Maybe I’ll do the rest of I verb you someday, this is fine for now.




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