I feel your fingers drawn upon my chest.

You steadily draw closer—touch, teeth, light

A twisted pleasure-pain—beauty in sight,

I close my eyes—your breath tickles my breast,

Your painted body interrupts my rest—

Along our touching skins we glow dull white—

In senseless moans, this languid dynamite

Yet ever good then better—ah! incest;

At this seduction gasps my drawn-out life—

Insanity, mortality—breath, light

Your glowing breath alight—splinters, strife—

All over me your hands will scurry by,

I shudder—come not nearer—fear, fright, fight—

Small death, last breath, my final death to die.



  1. Haha I like this one! if i’m not wrong it’s seduction of death right? by the last line. love the twist, even though is morbid HAHA.

    anyway to reply your sms since mine is severely running out, uh uh acting = something that isn’t true! therefore no need to act platonic HAHA. yay i love nice big blank empty spaces with no word limits of ONE-SIX-OH characters. i still disagree with that quote! clarify! specify! etc!



    1. yah, it was supposed to sound horny–i decided against any homoeroticism though, it would just have been disgusting (you should see the sketches :D)

      is not my quote! so i dont need to explain–go to the original source! no one asks shakespeare to explain himself, they just interpret it!



      1. what sketches, where, i want to see! HAHA not your quote so what. you quoted! therefore have to justify. -nods head- and even interpretations need to be justified! since you take that as your def 😀 otherwise, provide alternative def! yay i win.


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