I verb you

for Twink

I dream you in the still night’s stolen sleep,

A rainbow-tinted bridge from mind to mind.

Even the darkness never strikes us blind,

And we its treasures take for us to keep.

The clock ticks on; minutes pile hours deep;

Our words a haven in ourselves we find,

That, questioning the fate we are consigned,

Sleep steals from us as through the night we leap.

Ah! sneak of night that you must surely be,

Mirage, migraine, timorous blasphemy,

When time steals by unnoticed, all is light.

You steal my sleep, my seconds all you take.

Awake, I sleep—when all sleep, I’m awake,

And you by me a dreaming in the night.

I breathe you when you walk the winds with me,

As breaths are breathed, your footsteps splash the rain.

Two solitudes’ commingling breaths fly free.

Through water we believe we live again,

Proclaiming baptism in the worlds we flee;

Each mountain, each crevasse of shared terrain—

A breathing world of water, wind, and glee—

Is breathed by us and built from our pain.

In loneliness I breathe you as my air:

A healing vent to soothe and to repair.

The rain is breathing quietly the wind.

Your voice over the air a breath of sun

As with the pouring blessings we do run—

The air is sweet, even if we have sinned.

I drink you with your laughter in your cell

Of flesh and bone. Your passing age a lie,

Your youth the clearest stream that passes me by.

What medicine you are when I’m unwell!

Concatenated angel-being from hell,

Behold your fountain of tears I never cry—

As I drink you my binds you will untie,

And through your waters secrets mine I tell.

Such hallowed wine, such potency in drink;

That in your depths my woes can truly sink.

In thirst I speak, oh! satiate my thirst:

All that I want, you give, a roaring flood,

And in your rivers flow my desperate blood.

Ere you turn dry I’ll leave the living first.

I eat you as my nightly food for thought;

In flowery words is writ both you and I.

And as we talk we do more than we ought

Under the watchful gaze of heaven’s eye.

What food are you that just for you I fought?

Your self, forbidden, on the boughs I spy—

The sweetest fruit can never be just bought,

For you I gave my wings and now not fly;

You, predator, I prey, yet eat not lust

When moonlight spills from crepuscular lips—

And though you are my missing nightly sleeps,

You feed me still; I eat you—time flies fast…

Regenerate your self, the dawn is drawing near,

And nourishment I’ll find tonight—you, here.

I love you as I love your universe:

Your youthful world, your heart, your hidden grey;

And though we rarely love by light of day,

The night shall keep our flames alive in verse.

In you, no sadness felt—such grateful curse;

No trouble do I love if love I may.

My memory shall keep if wish you stay

And truly, now, my love can do no worse.

Unselfish love, then, let it simply be:

No hoard, no wants—except that you are you,

And strange it seems that friendship, love offends—

But lest you be offended, loving me,

I shall not love you—we shall stay as two;

For love is weak that bless the closest friends.


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