Ode to the Moon (III)

I watch the brightness fade with evening’s twilight swoon.

I see you rise, and with your rising comes the night.

The sky turns purple: cold, inviting, breath, half-light.

O rock of life, with careless light lovingly strewn

You let me live my life the way life should be lived,

And all my dreams and revels fly from earth too soon.

With advent of the night the day is well relieved—

So it is same with I: the darkness: my delight—

It is this time that calls through every reverie,

It is this time that soothes our tired souls. I see

The cold light sluicing through the windows to my room.

Your faded glory: my vitality—to be

All spent in living years come inexorably.

And you will be the symbol of my sweetest doom.


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