This poem is a paraphrase of „Im Traum sah ich die Geliebte”

from Die Heimkehr by Heinrich Heine

A vision: she, all tattered, torn, and poor,

A travesty of her long-past allure.

Two children at her hands. And angrily

Was she pursued by sorrowed poverty.

Across the marketplace, as in stupor,

She sees me here. Sadly I say to her:

— Pray follow me, come to my home with me,

I’ll work to feed you—pale as you may be.

I’ll sit your children, care to keep them safe;

You’ll not want more, I’ll strive to satiate;

It pains me so to see you in such state.

I’ll never tell that you once loved me so,

And when you from this world are called to go

I will be he who weeps upon your grave.


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