When first I saw of you

When first I saw of you, I did not dare

Imagine loving you. Such lovely joy

Was not yet mine, when I was just a boy

Who brashly burnt through life with not a care.


And then, that time did pass, as all depart

When Time doth usher lives unto their wane.

By chance I saw you, yet and yet again,

But I could see sadness in both our hearts.


Perhaps ’twas then that each our yearning minds

Began to feel the other’s mental peaks—

Through nervous words that silent hands did speak,

Through song and speech and many pain-birthed lines.


Thus months have passed. And secrets were revealed,

And thoughts were shared, and hurt articulated.

But how! were both of us so weirdly fated?

And in each other, have our wounds all healed?


The lengthy talks, the letters left, in time

And time again. So falling, I did yearn

For you. It was as if I had re-burnt

My heart as offering in lines of rhyme.


I hope to be complete in you, if Time

Allows this chance to be fulfilled. What bliss!

My daily living flies by like a breeze

In advent of the night, when you’ll be mine!


I live in dreams of silvery whispered tones

I live this love of music and of song,

I live this time, when nothing can go wrong,

I live this joy that pierces to my bones.


And so, this half a year did set in motion

My heart. I can now love again, and feel

What it is like to run, with you, in fields

Of green and rose, and burgeoning emotions.


My butterfly, my shepherdess so lovely,

I need you! truly, madly; and in you

This joy is given me. And you, oh you

My other half—you love, and I am worthy!


This day, I thank you for this peace you give.

I want to love you for eternity,

To fly, to laugh—and reality will flee—

I had no faith, but now I do believe.


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