We are nothing but

The flecks of our ironic stillflowing blood,

The sundrenchèd grass feeding old donkeys lame,

The hardstruggling fisherman drowned in the flood,

The cloudmurdered moon going down whence she came,

The desperate wheel turning stuck in the mud,

The backbroken mare’s neighscream calling your name,

The fervently prayerful tonguekissed rosebud,

The fleshluscious wolf fighting hard for her game…

Our nothingness flows like you burn through my heart,

I fly through the night as I yearn for your love—

I stab through these sins for your voice like a dart,

And so let us soar! we shall make mornings bright,

For music will ring from blue seaskies above,

I love you, I need! let us love through the night.


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