Ten Sonnets to the Sun

for Twink


O Helios, if thou could only taste

The glory of thine light! ’Tis such a waste

For luminosity to fade; the faraway               

Starlight will flounder in the place you lay.

This golden glow bids Time unmake its haste,

And slow its step. Oh! sacrament most chaste,

Is Baptism, and Heaven’s fiery clay

Will dwell in minds and hearts—the joyous rays!

The day is what it is by thine delight,

Yet chastised is th’audacity of night.

And when thy wingèd chariot flies through skies

Of azure tints, the world opens its eyes!

Thou, bringer of day’s light, I pray thee shine,

That Man may drink of morning’s air-bright wine.



In dawn’s twilight, the sun’s shy face is shown

And morning stirs, to wake the sleeping trees.

The sky fades into blue; while, flying free,

The airy creatures soar in winds that blow

Around faux-cotton clouds. Swift jet-streams flow

In whorls in cirrus skies, and one can see

The daylight creep into the world. So, flee!—

That darkness melts away! Proud flowers grow!

Thus bustle lives again, and gladness rises,

That fear is chased away by Day’s great sun.

Look, see the wife and husband, father, son,

Frolic in morning’s dew-stained fresh surprises!

This time when night is past and day comes by,

Is time for hope; pray, no more tears to dry.



’Tis said that Tonatiuh has caused the death

Of twenty thousand every year. But how!—

’Tis justified, for Sol’s a miracle…The scowl

In deep dark clouds affect me scarce.

I look up to the heavens. A wind-light breath

Of fragrance breezes by. No presence, foul

Or otherwise, could push me off this bough

Of awe on which I ride. The air is fresh!

The sun is poetry in light, and strong

He shines; his reign above the skies is long.

To watch the sunrise is a simple pleasure,

In colour changes lie the widest measure

Of skies’ light-paint. So therein, o’er the line

Is laid the sphere which guides the human eye.



This light doth irritate my tired eyes,

My weary sight I do not want. Each face

I see in day is hateful, like the flies

Which flit ’round pigsties in rude haste.

Oh you, the Sun, you reveal all the lies

Which constitute the masks of Life’s dark ways;

Away with thee! My heart is cold as ice,

And thine gold warmth reminds me of the waste

My life has been. Oh Sun of gladness bright!

I know not what to feel beneath thine light,

But thine great face will fade to furthest night…

To free my frozen soul, I pray thee shine,

Like thunder’s rumbles, like fork-lightning’s lines,

Like jewelled thrones of ancient pasts behind.



I bid thee rise! and shoulder on the strain

Of yet another day; as Time crawls on,

So every day is carved into the grain

That patterns trees. Each pictured morn

Is perfect on its own, and with the rain

The beauty of the scene is made forlorn,

And light, austere. There, onwards chugs that train

Of Time, and th’fabric of the skies is torn.

Thus Light is born, and against lives the day

Whose sameness lies in difference. So stay;

Worship the miracle of heavens. Rise and shine—

In light is found the life of purest wine.

I pray thee rise! make haste; the time is nigh,

Much needs be done before the Sun peaks high.



It is this light which feeds the fledgling day

And ’tis this warmth paves the garden way

With leaves and grass. In quietude the rose

Opens its heart, which Life accepts, and throws

A careless kiss to passing birds. There lays

The joy of Nature’s blessing—laughter gay

Adorns the air, and silent bliss will grow

In summer-noon. This sunlight seems to flow

Like streams of clearly running water. There,

Observe the tranquil brooks, the winding rivers

Across which wood is quickly laid by beavers

That scurry back and forth. Oh! turn your fair

Bright face to look up at the sky, for Sol

Will—imperceptibly—forgive the bold.


How cruel thou art! in sinless rays of gold,

This light bombards the people down below,

…So like the spot under a viewing glass

Of warmth and heat and crimson skies’ deep rust.

This air is still as daytime swiftly flows

And in the sky the clouds will quietly grow

In grotesque shapes. How silent; time has passed,

The sun is past is peak, but it will last.

The day is hot in arid summer climes.

With strongly burning suns that always shine

In boundless skies. Horizons will define

The edge of light (that’s bright enough to blind).

This thirsty earth needs more than just this day

When ages pass like waters fade away.



This shyly glowing face again brings day

To coiffured worlds and sweet words ne’er to say;

That coldly glinting warmth in seasoned ways

Will heat the skies, arousing those who lay

In slumber still. Rejoice, be glad, be gay!

Enthuse these theories, jump into the fray

Of daily life. This day-night interplay

Embodies Life; so live! with no delay!

The coloured sunrise raises shreds of hope

To brighter futures slyly it doth call,

In rays of amber from that fiery ball…

And lithe white clouds like lovers doth elope;

In Day we live: we love and lie and lust,

But Time steals by, – and we return to dust.



The sparrows sing; the blackbirds flit in trees.

And myriad melodies will fill the sky:

In chirping jewels Life will pass you by,

And such it is that daylight quickly flees.

So sweeps the winds up smoothly storming lees

To clear the skies of warmth. Vermilion dyes

Doth wash to greyest mauve: the clouds, like flies,

Orbit a light that’s quenched by Time’s decree.

Oh, what a loss it is, for light to fade,

And change to opposites. There evening’s shade

Will cross that subtle line ‘twixt night and day—

We bid thee farewell; thou wilt go that way…

This cycle never-ending feeds our minds,

Whose rest and actions merely serve to blind.

So there thou art! Fie to they face, for Time
Will douse your fires; may darkness and the night
Take thee! For suffering is the silent light
By which the world is shown. Our eyes are blind
To indiscretions of the day; such sight
Is better dead. Away! Of such a bright
Jewel, there must be frightful flaws to find—
But fie to thee! and we will close our minds…
And now, as Time draws on, they face doth sink
Below the horizons, a light that blinks
Out for the night. A mirror to thy face,
Then stare down this dark light—to live unfazed!
There, Time flows on as ceaseless as the stream
And thy bright face repealed to realms of dreams.


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