Forced Education

The path of life is not “to live, to learn”;

Recall the wasted sacrifice of Time

When life was young. In childhood, tender age

Of gaiety, the scourge of knowledge’s past

Is that of burdened hearts and force-tamed minds—

In rôte and whispered scratchings of the pen.


It is this time, that now we lift the pen,

Regurgitating knowledge, school-time learnt,

That we believe that grades are to our minds

What music’s for the soul, then laughs old Time

At folly’s footstep laid. In brighter pasts

Would live the truth of caring, quiet age.


That bygone time where children felt the age

Was mild; that wisdom-knowledge breaks the pen…

To visit long-dead men in slurried pasts

Is nothing gained, and nothing will be learnt

If teaching’s done against young wills, for Time

Will take its toll on the unwilling mind.


Young lives numbed, killed, to fantasies of mind

Where thoughts go wild in fairies’ mystery age.

The sand in classes smoothly marks the time

Where hope lies in the burying of the pen.

To reject force-fed truths leaves one to learn

The way of time as cold winds hurry past.


In times that’ll never be, each stark life past

Would be the loss of innocence, a mind

Which was not whipped to reek of hard things learnt

Through lessons. Life, through each and every age,

Will wither under ink-stained, blunted pens

Which bleed on sheets, the blood which augurs Time.


And now, as limits draw too close, the time

Is nigh. For prayer’s force won’t keep this past

Of stunted thoughts and growth. My weary pen

Speaks through a poet’s music-versèd mind

Of gloried life-imagination. Age

Will come to me, and take each thing I learn.


To live to learn—the sacrilege of Time!

This muted age where joy is sadly past

Will never mind the searchings of my pen.


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