Day / Night

Contrasts in a Pair of Sonnets


Through the glass, the dark skies break to dawn,

And light spreads through the dormant purple earth;

Birdcalls ring, and flowers’ clothes are worn,

Then Nature’s glory shows delight’s full worth.

Cirrus white hangs high in deep blue sky;

The brightly glowing orb shows golden wrath,

While fragrant breezes blow, and lizards lie

On rocks, to bask in tall grass by the path.

This bustling light quicks Man’s own wistful step,

To here, fro there, in daytime’s worried life,

Where life is snared in Death’s all-present trap

When Time’s great river sweeps all sin and strife.

The lights reveal each sight, in loving daze,

Life’s greatest colours, stripped unto Sol’s gold face.


Twilight seeps across the sky as night

Comes nigh, with rocky moon on rise in east.

The colours bleach and leech from day’s great blight

And night comes; widespread world’s loud light is least.

In deep mauve skies where mysteries love to dwell,

Demure grey clouds float gently through the hours,

Where dark dreams lie, and sprites of dangers tell,

While shadows creak through floors of ancient houses.

Soft sounds turn loud, in cool nights’ gentle chiding

Of mute ears. Blurred life-ghosts through graves doth haunt

Man’s lives and wiles, and stark hearts palpitating;

The moon’s bleak, dusty face is turned to taunt.

The colours wash, the light’s great glow is lost,

This darkness’s truth is Nature’s warmest frost.


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